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Toddlers Through Age Two

Children will participate in activities designed to help develop sensory and communication skills, motor skills, and behavioral expectations. These classrooms follow a weekly theme to determine their classroom activities.


Toddler Student to Teacher ratio is 6:1

Two Year Old Student to Teacher ratio is 7:1

Children Ages Three Through Five

Children will have a more structured program based on weekly units of study. Creative activities will be offered to give children the opportunity for self-expression and socialization. These activities will include crafts, art projects, stories, music, science and discovery activities, indoor and outdoor play, and chapel time. 


Three Year Old Student to Teacher Ratio is 8:1

Pre-K Student to Teacher Ratio is 9:1 (Four Day Enrollment is Required)

The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge program is designed for children who are already 5 years old by September 1st but whose parents/guardians wish to give them the gift of time, one additional year before they begin formal education. The Bridge program aims to help transition children from the Pre-K setting to a full time kindergarten setting.  A certified teacher will help students who have mastered most of the Pre-K program, but would benefit from reinforcement in certain areas to promote success in kindergarten.  It will also allow for an additional year of growth in social maturity.  


The curriculum will consist of a science of reading method with a focus on phonics.  Through small group and direct instruction, students will build skills in comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness.  Math will be taught using a hands-on curriculum designed to teach beginning numeration, patterns, and problem solving.  Science and Social Studies will help students discover God's creation around us.  It would be beneficial for the child to have completed one year of Pre-K 4.


Bridge Program Student to Teacher Ratio is 9:1. (Four Day Enrollment is Required)

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

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